Individualized Intervention
for Unique Patients

Phenomix Sciences is a comprehensive, data driven platform that brings precision medicine to obesity management. Our first product, licensed from the Mayo Clinic, is a novel blood test supported with an AI-driven algorithm that classifies the unique pathophysiological phenotype of patients with obesity. This disruptive new approach can be applied clinically to individualize therapy selections and improve overall weight-loss outcomes.

Phenomix Sciences was established in Rochester, MN in 2017 by two leading NIH-funded obesity experts, Dr. Andres Acosta and Dr. Michael Camilleri. In early 2019, we established a state of the art facility located in University Enterprise Laboratories in St. Paul, MN. Our space is equipped with the latest platforms for metabolomic, genomic, and hormonal testing, as well as biobanking facilities to support the development and validation of the PhenoTest under strict adherence to regulatory guidelines. With the CLIA-accreditation process underway, we are anticipating launch of the PhenoTest by early 2020.

Our Mission and Vision

At Phenomix Sciences, our mission is to provide precision medicine tools and services that transform obesity management with better efficacy, fewer side effects, and lower costs.

By delivering transformative new tools and services for the treatment of obesity, we envision bringing an end the obesity epidemic, one patient at a time.

Investment Opportunities
If you are interested in investment opportunities with a company poised to bring precision medicine innovations to the obesity epidemic, please contact us at IR@phenomixsciences.com

Founders, Board, and Leadership

Andres Acosta, MD, PhD
Founder Biography
Michael Camilleri, MD
Co-Founder Biography
Ross Higgins, MBA
Chief Operating Officer Biography
Erich Heneke, MBA
Interim Chief Financial Officer Biography
Diane Dell'Armo
Director, Medical Sciences Biography
Sean McCauley, PhD
Board Member Biography
Paul Owen
Board Member Biography

Medical and Strategic Advisors

Donna Ryan, MD
Barham Abu Dayyeh, MD, MPH
Tony Auriemma, MD, JD
Daniel Guerron, MD
Ken Fujioka, MD
Angela Fitch, MD
Shelby Sullivan, MD
Angela Golden, NP
Craig Primack, MD